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Description: Description:


GBP12.00    Order 


The Observer's Book of Victoriana 90.1 first

Book is in VG condition no inscription printed 1981 by Warne .

Original tight binding - light wear/foxing to page edges  -  no bumps

VG spine lettering -  slight sunning to front and spine - light wear to top of spine

Book Condition :      VG     No Inscription

Laminate          :      VG     No price sticker


Code :  0723216207           Version : 90.1   


Description: Description:


GBP5.00    Order 


The Observer's Book of Motor Sport  first   53.1   1975

Highest number 58 on back flap as issued

wear to corners and nibbles to top corners of DJ spine

Original binding - light wear to edges of pages

Book Condition :     VG              No Inscription

Dustjacket         :     Good          clipped top and priced 75p at bottom


Code : 512.775      Version : 53.1 


Description: Description:


GBP5.00    Order 


The Observer's Book of Trees 4.2    1948

Binding reglued - no wear/foxing to page edges DJ has a repaired tear and chip to top corner of spine so I have placed a scan underneath .Another tiny tear and light wear to top front - VG spine lettering.

Book Condition :     VG    3 line inscription with date top of  first blank page

Dustjacket         :     VG     Clipped  and hn 7/8 front flap as issued


Code :  917.1148          Version : 4.2  


Description: Description:


GBP5.00    Order 


The Observer's Book of Commercial Vehicles  40.4   1981

spine lettering slightly off-centre

original binding - light wear to page edges.

rubbing and some tippex to top of first blank page

Book Condition :     VG     No inscription

Laminate          :     VG     no price sticker - menu to 89 on back


Code :1474.980              Version : 40.5 


Description: Description:


GBP6.00    Order 


The Observer's Book of British Coins 69.2 Laminated 1980

Original tight binding and crisp page edges

No back menu as issued and 1.50 Warne price sticker.

 bump and creasing to top back corner- some very light sunning to spine with strong red lettering.

Book Condition  :     VG     No inscription

Laminate           :     VG     1.50 Warne price sticker on back


Code :  0723215642          Version : 69.2


Description: Description:


GBP3.00    Order 


Bloomsbury Book of Rocks & Minerals 1992

Penguin version

Other versions and titles available including Claremont and paperback Series - just e-mail a request or list.

Book Condition :     Excellent     No Inscription



Code :        Version :


Description: Description:


GBP3.00    Order 


The Observer's Book of Garden Flowers FIRST edition

Name and date to top of first blank page

Highest number 25 on back as issued - chips to border top corners

priced 5/- FIRST edition -crease to spine jacket grubby looking front


Book Condition :     VG     Inscription

Dustjacket         :     good     Unclipped


Code :  532.856      Version : 25.1


Description: Description:


GBP30.00    Order 


The Observer's Book of Herbs  85.1 rare


Book is in excellent condition with no inscription.

No  bumps to corners - excellent  red spine lettering which is difficult to find with this title - no price sticker on back . Bright clean edition. crease to very edge of spine near bottom front if you want to be fussy


Book Condition :     excellent          No inscription

Laminate          :     VG                    No price sticker


Code :  1355.180      Version : 85.1


Description: Description:


GBP27.50    Order 


The Observer's Book of Silver 1980  No. 88

first edition printed 1980 - excellent condition - original tight binding

crisp page edges . No bumps to corners .

no price sticker on back. Excellent spine lettering.

ISBN  0723216134

Book Condition :     Excellent  No inscription.


Code :  1464.680       Version : 88.1


Description: Description:


GBP5.00    Order 


The Observer's Book of Tropical Fishes 1978 reprint 65.1 menu 82

Book is in VG condition  -  original tight binding - light wear to page edges and no inscription.


Dustjacket is in VG  condition with no tears - light sunning

Clipped no price and menu to 82 on back. Observer symbol on spine.

Book Condition :     VG      No inscription

Dustjacket         :     VG      clipped no price


Code :  0723215677          Version : 70.1 


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